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Tracy Eichhorn FC

Name: Tracy Eichhorn

Tell us about your family: I have been married to my husband Christopher Eichhorn for 6 years. We have two great children. Ethan – 4 who is very excited to start pre-school this year. And Ava who is 22 months.

What is your hometown?  Des Moines, Iowa

Where are you employed? What is your title? US Bank – Assistant Vice President / Branch Manager

Tell us a little bit about your professional achievements? I got started in banking right after I graduated from high school as a part time teller while I was going to school. I was later promoted to a full time teller and then to an assistant branch manager by the time I was 19, which was a big accomplishment for me. I then transferred to US Bank as a personal banker in Council Bluffs in January 2001, and was a personal banker for 4 years. I was promoted to the Assistant Branch manager in July of 2004 and then to the Branch manager in February of 2005. I received my Assistant Vice President title in October of 2008.

What volunteer efforts are you involved with? Junior Achievement & Paint-a-thon. Junior Achievement I have taught for the last 4 years at various schools and grades. I have also been a team leader for Council Bluffs and Omaha Paint-a-thon teams for the past 4 years.

Why do you volunteer? It makes me feel good knowing that I did something to help someone who may be less fortunate then myself.

How do you balance your professional career and personal life? I have a leave at the door philosophy.  When I get to work each day I focus solely on my job and making sure I am giving 100% each day. Once I am home I spend time with my family and know that anything I left at work will still be there the next day.

What is your favorite pastime/hobby? First and foremost would be spending quality time with my family and friends and enjoying the little things in life. I also really enjoy scrap booking with my friends and have been working on scrapbooks for both of my kids from when they were born until now.

What about your job keeps you motivated? Goals, no matter if they are assigned or a goal I have set for my team or myself. It keeps not only myself but also my team at work motivated to attain or exceed.

What advice would you give to someone interested in your specific career? Each day is different and you never know what to expect. You need to have a can do attitude and know that you are not always going to make everyone happy.

What is the most interesting lesson you have learned in your career? That honesty is the best policy. I have learned from being in management and dealing with my clients that it is best to tell it like it is. It’s the best way to earn a client or co-workers trust.

Who has been a key mentor in the workplace or life for you and how did they help you? I don’t think I have a key mentor. I think that all of the people that I have worked with over the course of my career and my close friends and family have helped make me the person I am today.

What are you most proud of having accomplished in your professional career or personal life? I am most proud of my kids and being able to watch them grow.

What is your favorite adage or words of wisdom (include author if possible)? Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.” – Thomas Carlyle

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? You should never have a bad day.

What is the one goal that you would most like to accomplish? To one day go back to school. I moved up so fast within banking that I didn’t stay in school as long as I would of liked.

What do you enjoy most about working in the Council Bluffs community? Council Bluffs is a very tight knit community where everyone seems to know each other, and has each other’s best interests in mind.

How long have you been a part of the Council Bluffs community? I have lived here 9 ½ years

If you could describe Council Bluffs in just three words, what would they be? Historical, active, innovative

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