Theresa Martin

Posted By admin on August 26, 2009

Theresa Martin

Your Name: Theresa Martin

  • I have two children, Garrett age 9 and Gabrielle age 7.
  • I grew up in Neola, IA and graduated from St. Albert High School.
  • I am employed at NP Dodge Real Estate Co. as a Realtor.  I also hold the title of “Coach” to the St. Albert boys Jr. high track team and cross country team.
    I am currently the President of the Southwest Iowa Assoc. of Realtors.  I am also a member of various Iowa Association of Realtor committees as well as the chair of the Iowa Young Realtor Group.
  • I volunteer at many community events, Pride Week, grand opening of the Boys and Girls Club, and on various city committees and task forces.  I also volunteer at events at St. Albert School.
  • Volunteering is a very important part of my life.  I want to make the environments that surround my children better, as well as be a good role model to them.
  • My professional and personal life are not hard to balance because they are so intertwined.  I began my career with my son by my side in a baby carrier .  When my daughter came along, I carried around a 13 inch TV with a built- in VCR so they could watch movies while I worked at open houses (that was before portable DVD players).
  • *I am very passionate about running.  When I am running, I am able to come up with my most creative ideas and the most logical solutions.  My job is very emotional and I am an emotional person, so running is a way that I am able to diffuse stressful situations.
  • Job motivation is usually attached to success and there has certainly been times when I have said that I need to get a 9 to 5 job with a salary.  But the ever changing aspects of  this job and the gratitude I get when I am able to help someone find a home is very rewarding.
  • My advice to someone entering this career would be to keep a positive attitude.  Real Estate as a career is a roller coster and you have to be able to balance the highs and lows. Agents that come and go with the market, hurt the standards and the ethics we abide.  But, real estate agents that are able to continue through the  good times and the bad are better able to adapt to the ever changing market conditions.
  • The most interesting lesson I’ve learned is that “clean” has many different meanings.
  • My key mentor is my broker, Dan Van Houten.  He has a very calm and even tempered personality and is often able to provide me with different perspectives.*What I am most proud of accomplishing is qualifying for the Boston Marathon at my first marathon (while still trying to sell real estate).
  • “The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.”  - Socrates  I have this quote hanging in my office and on my refrigerator at home.
  • The best piece of advice that I have been given is more like a life lesson that has been taught to me by my father.  It’s to look at life as if your glass is always half full.
  • I hate to say it – but the goal that I want to accomplish right now … is to qualify for the Boston Marathon based on the men’s time.
  • I enjoy working in Council Bluffs because you still get the small community atmosphere, but with some of the larger city benefits.
  •  have been a part of the Council Bluffs community since junior high.
  • Three words I would use to describe Council Bluffs would be hardworking, open-minded and progressing.

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