Big Time Timmy Jim

Jul 12th, 2011 | Posted by | Filed under Mike Brownlee

Well it’s the baseball All-Star break, meaning I should try to revive this blog. My last post was on Opening Day. Embarrasing.

Here’s something I found in the hopper (i.e. a post I started long ago and didn’t finish):
Check this out: gem about Big Time Timmy Jim.

This story has everything: baseball and In N Out burger.
Alas, though the movie was on my mind the whole time I read it, no reference to The Dude. Nor a reference that Tim Lincecum is a dead-ringer for Mitch Kramer from “Dazed and Confused”.

I guess it doesn’t have everything. But, like Brian Griffin’s resemblence to Snoopy, it makes me smile.

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