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Update: Jan 19th, 2010

Marsha Hoffman has been a writer, photographer, editor and now Internet Coordinator for The Daily Nonpareil since January 1994.

Marsha is a 1988 graduate of Abraham Lincoln High School, where she played volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer and softball. Marsha graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in 1992 (Go Bearcats!) with a journalism degree.


Marsha will tell you she is a sports junkie. She can thank her father and paternal grandmother for this, and the large selection of sports on television has also greatly contributed.

When asked, she’ll tell you the story of how she became a NASCAR fan in the late 1980s. Her family, especially her mom, started watching races on TV. Back then, it could be a chore to find the race – is it on ESPN, TBS, TNN (The Nashville Network back then, probably CMT or one of those stations now) etc. etc. If she came home from Maryville for the weekend, the time of day she drove back to college on Sunday was dictated by race time. If it was an early race, ususually on the East Coast, she’d stay in Council Bluffs and watch the race. If it were one of the rare West coast or late races, she’d head back before the race and watch from her apartment.

My column, NASCAR Scene, orginiated after the untimely death of her favorite driver, Dale Earnhardt, in the 2001 Daytona 500. People who knew she was a NASCAR fan couldn’t understand how Tony Stewart’s car could flip over 20 other cars and he walked away unscathed, while Earnhardt’s just hit the wall and he was killed. Others were amazed at the outpouring of grief – who was Dale Earnhardt, and why was he important? The easy answer is imagine golf – forever – without Tiger Woods, or the NBA without Kobe Bryant or the NFL without Bret Favre because they died during a competition. Every death in auto racing, and there had been far too many in 2000 and 2001, is tragic, but for it to be The Man who died, that was staggering.

Out of that sadness and curiosity, NASCAR Scene was born as an occassional column. It moved to weekly in about 2003 and has been ever since. I certainly don’t claim to know everything about the sport, especially some of the technical aspects, but as a woman fan for more than 20 years I enjoy sharing my thoughts with female fans, new fans and even veteran fans.

Thanks and enjoy NASCAR Scene – The Blog!

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